Abr 6

Los pilares de Europa at the CaixaForum


Christopher, Margarita & Kate enjoying some cava before the exhibition

Margarita, Kate and Christopher attended the exhibition Los pilares de Europa at CaixaForum last Thursday evening. CaixaForum is housed in a converted modernist factory at the foot of the Montjuïc hill in Barcelona, and its spacious airy halls host art exhibitions from all over the world. Run by the CaixaBank, this arts foundation shares in a 25% slice of the €510 million a year that the bank destines for good works (60% of that total feeding social projects, with the remaining 15% being invested in education and R&D).

The British Chamber of Commerce in Spain was hosting a private view of medieval art works and objects drawn from the British Museum, many of which aren’t on view in London since they’re part of the Museum’s reserve collection. This exhibition, which has already graced Madrid and remains in Barcelona until 18th June this year, draws much of its impact from the way in which it’s been located inside a soaring, church-like space with objects being placed in pools of light, and with religious music softly playing. It is an enlightening re-reading of the Middle Ages not as a dark period in history but rather as a culturally rich and sometimes underestimated one.  From table knives (forks weren’t invented till much later) to Norwegian chess pieces found buried on the Isle of Lewis, and from an exquisite brooch to a mournful Virgin drooping over her beloved Son, a feast awaits the visitor.

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